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You Need These 3 Things for an Effective Self Care Ritual

Is it fair to say you're a bit stressed out?  I know I struggle with balance some days, running a business while a five year old is running circles around me, means that my time for self-care is limited.  We read so much lately about the importance of self-care, but what is it, and how can you implement it in your busy life? Self-care is the time you take to disconnect from your normal routine and check in with yourself.  It's time that you take for yourself to do any activity you enjoy that rejuvenates you mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  The pursuit of self-care as an aspect of health can also cause stress for people.  The questions of "am...

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30 Cleveland Bloggers You Should Follow!

Being a Cleveland area company ourselves, we were curious which bloggers were representing our area to the world on Instagram.  So we set out to find some of the most interesting bloggers here in The Land (or the surrounding cities, we weren't too strict with our parameters), and hope you find some new people to follow.  It's easy to dream of far away places and far flung beaches, but these bloggers find hidden corners of North East Ohio and make them shine. The group is full of talented photographers, home DIYers, fashionistas, and moms on the go!  Notice how Tatiana Lebo shoots her portraits, humanizing yet aesthetically pleasing.  Try NOT to fall in love with Makayla of @fashionablykay as she effortlessly...

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What's the big deal with SHOPPING SMALL?

Most of us, make shopping decisions from the standpoint of convenience.  There is a growing movement of people who make those decisions based on ethics, not just convenience.  Those who are ethical vegans will often look for other vegan brands to support, for example.  Another way to shop more ethically is to do a lot of research and find brands that are ethical from an ecological standpoint, or that are made using fair labor standards.   It can all get confusing really fast - not to mention expensive!  Although there is a strong case to be made for quality over quantity, not everyone can afford luxurious eco-friendly products. Enter the small business world. When you buy from a small business owner,...

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