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Re-Using your Candle Jars using 5 Simple Steps.

  So you bought a candle in a beautiful jar - maybe it’s one of our 100% soy wax candles that come in either black or white jars.  In our case, the jars are something I source carefully, and these glass jars are made by a supplier here in the USA.  In any case, you love the idea of repurposing that jar for your makeup brushes...but how to do it the EASY way?  One thing that’s important to me, and thus Aromasoy, is to be more green and eco-friendly.  I love the idea that even when one of our candles is burned out, the jar will live on in the person’s house and bring some use!  We keep our style...

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Make Your Store A Place For Self-Care

  The concept of Self-Care is a big buzzword right now in our culture and in our business.  It can mean any number of things, but for those of us in the retail / wholesale space, it means that there is a need that we have to serve.   People are tired, they have too many stresses, a 24 hour news cycle that tells them bad news, and a social media feed that often shows them pictures of perfection.  You can help combat that and make your store a place where people can get away from it all!  Here are some guidelines from the trenches!    Come from a genuine place.  There’s nothing worse then slapping a self-care sticker on everything just...

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Master Goal Setting - Get Stuff Done Without the Stress

Back in January, we ran our #5minutegoalsquad challenge on Instagram, where we emailed participants a 5 minute activity every day for 5 days, that would help them master getting their goals accomplished.  It was great to see people putting in the effort to organize their thoughts, using these tips on their Instagram Stories and made me realize we should share it in a blog form with everyone who wasn’t able to participate. Below you will see FREE printables that goes along with all of these challenges. You can do one challenge a day like we did in January, or just space each “Day” however you’d like!  Ready to get started?   DAY 1.  WRITE DOWN Your Intentions Your first day’s...

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30 Incredibly Talented Home Decor Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

This summer we wrote a blog post with a roundup of some of Cleveland’s most interesting bloggers, and loved seeing the response from our followers!  If you’re like me, you’re always interested in following people that not only have aesthetically beautiful feeds, but also have something to share from their point of view.   Since I make candles, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to style them, and home decor in general.  Not to mention - we are in the process of remodeling our house, so home design inspo is a must in my life right now.  What better way to inspire myself, and share that with you guys, than to look up some of the most...

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Interview with the Owners (and Sisters!) of The Salvaged Boutique

We had a chance to ask sisters Kathy and Karen of the The Salvaged Boutique some questions about their business, and any advice they had for aspiring shop owners.  Their business caught our eye because not only do they sell antique and upcycled housewares (and our candles), they also run workshops in their store. The combination of retail and creative space got us thinking that these two sisters have something figured out in the world of retail that has become increasingly important - the experience in the store.  Meet these two forward thinkers, female entrepreneurs, and first generation immigrants who share their insights with us below.  What do you think is the number one thing women need, in order to...

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