What's the big deal with SHOPPING SMALL?

Most of us, make shopping decisions from the standpoint of convenience.  There is a growing movement of people who make those decisions based on ethics, not just convenience.  Those who are ethical vegans will often look for other vegan brands to support, for example.  Another way to shop more ethically is to do a lot of research and find brands that are ethical from an ecological standpoint, or that are made using fair labor standards.  
It can all get confusing really fast - not to mention expensive!  Although there is a strong case to be made for quality over quantity, not everyone can afford luxurious eco-friendly products.
Enter the small business world.
When you buy from a small business owner, you are impacting someone directly with your money.  It doesn’t go into a multinational corporation, and some small percentage trickles down to the workers in 3rd world countries making the product, but to a young college student who is making really creative journal accessories, or to a mom making custom jewelry.  When you shop small, you send that money into the community of the small business owner. 
When you shop small, your customer service is going to be another human being, not a phone center.  It will probably be the person making your product!  
When you shop small, you may be creating new jobs.  If the Etsy shop you are buying from gets busy, they can grow and hire someone to help. The money you spend goes far!
When you shop small, you can more easily find things that are customizable, or truly unique.  They come with interesting back-stories, or creators who are trying to make the world a better place by offering natural products.
When I make my candles, I make them myself.  From the idea about the scent, I have to think of how complicated or simple it will be, with what kind of top notes, base notes etc.  There are so many decisions that need to be made about what kind of container and labeling. Dealing with all the local, state, and federal laws involved with running a business.  Keeping track of expenses.  There’s no shortage of work, when you’re a one woman show. There are days it can feel overwhelming, especially when starting out.  So when an order comes through, it’s really a cause to celebrate your hard work! 
I love to be part of this awesome small business community.  It's through your support, that we are able to grow our business and keep making our soy candles!
The next time you need to buy anything, consider shopping from a small business.  It’s a simple step to support your local community, that will make a great impact.
Check out these awesome small businesses, that carry our candles, next time you're in the area.
Intro Boutique
Intro Boutique is run by Emily and is the place to go if you're a modern woman on the lookout for every day clothes.  Blissfully contemporary and modern, this place is a breath of fresh air right in downtown Cleveland.  
The Book Store & The Handmade Market
Located in historic Medina Square, just the next town over from us, The Book Store is the kind of place you could find yourself getting lost all afternoon.  The bookstore is independent, and also features over 1,000 original handmade products from local artisans.  You just know, walking through the store, that their heart is in the right place.
The Safari Collective
An artisan shop with a mission, is the best way to describe this New Milford, CT business run by Sarah.   Their entire store is stocked with ethically sourced and handmade products, and we are proud to be part of their mission to make buying beautiful objects something more than just being a consumer.  Their products are thoughtfully curated, and they even donate 5% of their profits to Fair Trade USA.
This local Lakewood, OH store is like walking into an HGTV set!  The store is a mix of vintage, upcycled, handmade and new decor.  The styles range from Victorian to modern, with a lot of rustic and farmhouse in between.  Not only that, the owners are sisters who teach workshops!

Check out the rest of our online retailers, on our site here

Shop small.  Shop Local.

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