We Are Open! Hello Baby Alice + Goodbye Maternity Leave

Those of you who have been following along my AromaSoy journey, know that this year has been special, as we welcomed our little daughter Alice into the world this June! Thank you all for your well-wishes and kind words! My pregnancy was tough, as I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme nausea), and the only relief was when I delivered her! I had a pretty quick and easy labor (thanks, epidural!), but recovery with two kids - that’s another story.

yana baby farther away

Going from one to two kids was harder for me than going from no kids to a newborn.  The fact that Ruben had to make the adjustment, and wanted the attention he was used to getting, made it really hard. When I say he followed me step by step, he literally did, all throughout the day. We’ve had to be careful to make sure he has time with us and understands a new baby sister means there’s just more people to love. He does love her and tries to help, so that’s a plus! It would have definitely been a good idea to have more activities planned for him that he could do independently, to keep him busy during those first couple of weeks with Alice.

Even though overall, finding balance has been harder with two kids, having a newborn in my arms the second time has been easier. I’m not as stressed with the day to day with her, because I’ve been through it before. That made me a more relaxed mom, and I’m able to actually ENJOY it! I’m really soaking it in guys! She’s so sweet and delicate. I know the sleepless nights are temporary - they change so fast in those first few months, that I try to remind myself “this too shall pass” when I’m having a tough moment.


I did my best to plan ahead for a reasonable maternity leave, but surprisingly, I was ready to start working bit by bit one month in. About six weeks in, I was able to start filling production orders for some of my wholesale clients. My mindset this time around is different, I’m always aware that this stage is temporary, so I am not too hard on myself and try to set realistic goals for what I can accomplish. A good tip is to ease into work, if possible. I started trying different things to figure out what kind of work window I can have. So far, doing one hour early in the morning before everyone wakes up, and doing some work while she naps throughout the day, brings me to 10 hours of work a week. That’s down from 30-40 hours a week before Alice! And that’s OK. 

Another change has been that due to Covid-19 (how sick are we of that phrase!), is that I can’t work with as many people (having a newborn) and only my sister helps me with production. I am grateful for her help, and look forward to growing with more people as soon as it’s possible! I’m grateful to those of you who have supported us during all this time! 

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