Is Virtual Learning Virtually Impossible?

Every parent of school-aged children had some tough decisions to make this year, depending on what their school district is offering. Every choice has its pros and cons, and every parent wants what’s best for their kids and family. It’s tough out there, and I want to say that no matter what choice you made - you are doing a great job! 

We chose the Virtual Learning option for Ruben, who is starting 1st grade. Being lucky enough to work from home, we knew it was possible. Having a newborn at home, we thought it would be the better option for us at this time. Our school is great in that they will allow us to switch options when we want, so if we feel good about sending him to actual school, we have that flexibility. 

I was worried about doing virtual learning with Ruben while I have to deal with Alice, but so far it’s been ok. In general, his teacher is all about limiting screen time, so we have to log into Zoom three times a day for class time, which is doable. So far, my days are looking like this:

6-8 am AromaSoy work
8-8:45 Breakfast
8:45-2:30 Virtual Learning (with breaks, independent work, and stretching)
2:30-3:30 Independent Schoolwork

The positives have been logistical - no need to commute anywhere, no need to pack a lunch. With a newborn, it’s a relief not to have to rush out the door every day. However, it’s unfortunate that Ruben doesn’t get to interact with his classmates, and also I don’t get as much time for AromaSoy. I do love that he’s back to school and learning, and he loves it too! And at least for now he gets some virtual interaction. At his age, he needs to be occupied, and after being my little shadow all summer since Alice was born, it’s nice to see him get excited about something new!

We are finally settled in and rolling forward with our routine, it feels good to have more structure in my day. As we’ve learned this year life is definitely unpredictable, but we will all make the best of what we’ve given. I hope you are holding onto the promise of a better tomorrow, as I am.

Thanks for reading!



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