Is This How You Think About Having A Balanced Life?

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel guru’d out.  What I mean is that so many people seem to have so much advice to share about ALL the different things we should be doing more of.  

Eating clean


Family activities

Educational activities

A beauty routine

A self-care routine


Date night with significant other

Connecting with your friends

Not spending too much time on your phone

Taking time for family and friends


Setting business goals and #crushing them

I’m sure I left some out - but while all of those things are GREAT, sometimes I get overwhelmed at the thought of doing them all!  There’s 24 hour in a day, and I need sleep.


Oh right, add Healthy Sleep Habits to the list of things I should be doing more of!

bedside candle modern room 

think out of all of the advice that we get, two things are true for everyone.

  1.  There are some basics to balance that apply to everyone
  2. The rest is your own definition of balance


Here’s the low-down.  We all need to have our physical needs met - they are closely intertwined with everything else.  Being very sleep-deprived will affect every aspect of your day and your relationships. Eating an abundance of healthy food will make you feel better and give you energy.  Your physical state is a priority because it’s foundational to having balance anywhere else.  

 For most other things, the definition of balance will vary person to person, and from season to season in that person’s life.  There is no way to be everything to everybody all the time and have it all together in every way and 



this is your reminder to relax self care box

Can I encourage you today not to stress about having it all?  You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to determine what is the right kind of balance in your at this moment.

But instead of just leaving you with this notion that you can’t always have balance, I’d like to provide a piece of direction I find useful - and that is being intentional.

When you sit down to plan or think about your day, if this concept is firmly rooted in your mind - to strive for balance, you will get close (enough).

What can you say no to?  What can you cut out that’s not bringing you joy, or burning you out?  Cut out what you can, and as for the rest - be realistic. Are there routine tasks you can outsource?  Maybe having someone clean your house seems ridiculous - but if you can use that time in a way that’s useful or brings joy - it may be worth it!  Can you get groceries delivered?  

Balance isn’t a perfectly concrete goal, and as such no approach to it can be perfectly concrete either.  As long as you are thinking about having more of it, use it as a helpful filter when you think about your day.  Is there time in your day for sitting down and enjoying your meals? Do you have a few moments to stretch or go for a walk outside?  Do you have time to sit in silence for a little bit and think?  

This is the approach I try to use, and as we strive for balance here at AromaSoy, we will do our best to share what we learn in concrete ways.  

Thanks for reading!  


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