5 Women That Helped Me Grow My Business

The reality of starting a new business is daunting and overwhelming at times.  There are so many parts of a business that need to work together in order to make it, so many things that need attention.  It can feel lonely being a solo-preneur, the workplace friends I had at the accounting firm at my old job couldn’t help me navigate social media marketing for my candles!  I also didn’t know many people that were starting their own business in this way, I didn’t have a lot of guidance but I had (have!) big dreams.

As much caution as I take with the overuse of social media and the internet, it helped guide me to some virtual mentors.  Women whose words I’d read on a difficult day and know that whatever situation I was in, I could figure it out. Sometimes it was their perspective or way of looking at things that made me reassess what was important.  

They say you are the sum of the 5 people around you - well, below are the 5 people around me virtually, women who have done more than they realize to help me grow my business and get my life organized in order to get to where I am today.  


1.  Jasmine Star @jasminestar

Jasmine is a force of nature, she has a boundless positive energy AND strategic ability.  Her honesty and vulnerability set her apart in a sea of people promising you instant marketing success and vague advice.   Marketing was not something I had ever studied, but I knew that even if I made the BEST candle, it meant nothing without people knowing it exists and how to get it.  Jasmine is full of not only practical pointers, she is so good at getting mindset right, which is where everything starts.  As an immigrant, I relate to her upbringing, and as a business owner, I’m so impressed at how quickly she grew her photography business from picking up a camera to being voted one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World.  The fact that she is teaching others what she learned speaks to her character.


2.  Rachel Cruze @rachelcruze

Seven years ago my husband David and I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University courses, which was one of the best time investments we’d ever made.  Rachel is his daughter and also an expert in personal finance. She has so many great videos on her YouTube channel covering subjects like saving money, budgeting, useful tips on shopping smart, and even meal planning.  Going through the process of getting our finances in order gave me a leg up when starting my business. I knew better than to get into debt or go into the business without a plan!  


3.  Brittany Cooper @penniesintopearls

Part of living my best life means trying to balance mom life, work life, finances - and to have fun while I’m at it!  Brittany is just full of energy and so much fun to watch!  She's all about living on a budget and saving money, by meal-planning and being INTENTIONAL with her money, which I'm all about!  I love getting meal ideas from her and overall tips on how to manage motherhood and working from home. I go to her for an honest, step by step look at how to do things.  



4.  Christy Wright @christybwright 

If you’re a maker starting your business, I can’t recommend Christy’s book Business Boutique highly enough!  It was foundational for me when I started.  From the book I understood the importance of separating out home life and my business, and learned how to set a work schedule when working from home.  This concept of respecting whatever you have set aside time for is vital to understand.  Having this aspect of your life be organized will help with mom guilt or whatever other guilt you may be dealing with.  


5.  Angela @debtkickinmom

Angela paid of $77,000 worth of debt in 3 years - think about that!  I first saw her as a guest on Rachel Cruze’s show on an episode about food budgeting, and love following her for tips for saving on groceries!  She practices zero food waste and smart meal planning.  Knowing that I can turn to her for ideas for food and groceries, frees up my brain to grow my business and take the next steps!

So thank you ladies for all of your advice, and for all of the content you put out online, that helps people like me!  You guys are a great reminder that learning for yourself is great, but learning AND sharing that with others is a million times better.  

Much love and ‘till the next blog post!


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