5 Easy Ways To Transition Your Home For Fall

One of the best things about fall is...everything!  Crisp cool air, kids are back in school, cozy sweaters and the promise of the holiday season just around the corner all make this candlemaker very happy!  One of the fun things to think about is how to make your home look its best for fall.  It’s a great idea to look around and see what little things can be spruced up to make your house a cozy little autumn nest.  Below are five easy ways to transition your home for fall:
1.  Prepare the Porch:  Nothing says you are ready for fall like a great fall wreath, and I’ve seen them from the $20 range all the way up to no-way-am-I-paying-this-much-money-for-a-wreath range!  If you’re crafty, there are a lot of tutorials online that will teach you how to make one as well.  Another simple buy are mums - they’re inexpensive, colorful, and easy to care for.  You can also add cool crates with pumpkins inside, or even straw bales!  Believe it or not, a bale of hay is $12 at Hobby Lobby at the moment!
2.  Pillows & Throws: Just like you add layers to your wardrobe in the cooler months - do the same for your home.  In the summer, I like to keep things clean and minimal - but come fall, that’s when the fun starts.  Cozy throws and pillows with texture all add a lot of coziness and dimension to the very same room. Consider changing out your duvet / bed cover for something that’s more suited to the cold as well.
3.  Candles: The easiest makeover of all time?  Light a candle!  They add a decorative touch, a warm glow, and a delightful scent. We are proud to make soy candles with phthalate free oils, with specially curated scents that will make you excited to spend the evening at home.  Try Oakmoss Amber, Rosewood Sandalwood, or  Seasonal Candles.
4.  Seasonal Displays using Nature:  Think of surfaces where you can display the beautiful aspects of this season.  You can start by going outside to see what’s available by your house - pinecones, branches, evergreen boughs are all a great start.  Once the leaves start to change colors, those can be a great addition as well.  Candles make a great addition to these displays.  Before shopping, it’s a great idea to see what you have available first!  Even a beautiful bowl of apples in a nice container makes for great (and functional!) decoration.  
5.  Switch out Tableware and Cutlery: One simple way to change things up is to add new plates, cups, and bowls that are more fall themed.  Marshall’s or TJ Maxx are good to scour for these!  Another great idea is to switch your cutlery out to a gold / brass color one for the season, for warmth and dimension.
I hope these tips have gotten your creative juices flowing, they sure have for me! Time for me to go think about a fall wreath!

Until next time!



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