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30 Incredibly Talented Home Decor Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

This summer we wrote a blog post with a roundup of some of Cleveland’s most interesting bloggers, and loved seeing the response from our followers!  If you’re like me, you’re always interested in following people that not only have aesthetically beautiful feeds, but also have something to share from their point of view.  

Since I make candles, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to style them, and home decor in general.  Not to mention - we are in the process of remodeling our house, so home design inspo is a must in my life right now.  What better way to inspire myself, and share that with you guys, than to look up some of the most beautiful home design blogs on Instagram.

Prepare for an influx of beautifully designed, and thoughtfully curated spaces!  My own personal aesthetic is quite minimalist, with contrasts of black and white being the dominant theme, but I’m always intrigued by different styles, and especially how where you live in America has an effect on your style.  For example, even if I didn’t tell you where she was from, it’s clear that Caroline’s (@caro_kmartin) is infused with SoCal charm, while Jenna’s (@jennakateathome) house has a crisp New England style, perfect for Massachusetts.  

Some of the bloggers are professional interior designers, and most are just sharing their house as they renovate or decorate.  I love how Erin (@sunnycirclestudio) puts together her pieces, all of which harmonize while varying in style.  It’s hard, in my experience, to find that balance between a house being put together and stylish, but also lived in!  

Some of the bloggers have their own take on the farmhouse aesthetic, and their interpretations are all different.  Overflowing with rustic charm and clean lines, you have Stacey of @farmhousechic4sure as an example of how to take on the style without becoming kitschy.  

One of my favorites are Chayce and Hannah of @blankslatereno - I told you I love a black and white contrast, but their house is warm and inviting without being stark.

In any case, I hope you enjoy looking through these awesome feeds, and let me know what kind of roundup we should do next!  (These are in no particular order.)


1.  Caroline caro_kmartin


2.  Danae thehomebodyhouse


3.  Erin kismet_house


4.  Chayce + Hannah blankslatereno


5.  Jodi houseonasugarhill


6.  Rosanna eggshell_home


7.  Erin sunnycirclestudio


8.  Gina ginarachelledesign


9.  Jenna jennakateathome  


10.  Erin  francois_et_moi


11.  Shelley crazywonderfulblog


12.  KP + Mike Snow theressnowplacelikehome


13.  Jess hartman_haus


14.  Janelle burnettbungalow


15.  Stacey farmhousechic4sure


16.  Ashley thelifestyledhome


17.  Cait & J.Pappas nest.out.west


18.  Liz greyandscout


19.  Kim kimmyintx


20.  Erin cottonstem


21.  Nicole eyeforpretty


22.  Kelley Nan kelleynan


23.  Julia chrislovesjulia


24.  Michelle michelle_janeen


25.  Elizabeth edbdesigns


26.  Holli beesnburlap


27.  Whitney farmsteadonfirst


28.  Margaret allthingschippy


29.  Brittany britttanyh


30.  Anne annecarrdesign