3 Tips for Self-Care During Chaos

Our entire world has experienced a paradigm shift that most of us couldn’t have predicted would ever happen. Life as we know it is at a standstill, and nobody knows an exact timeline for when things will go back to normal, or what that normal will look like. 

Many parents are now finding themselves working from home while also taking care of small children, and those consider themselves lucky to even have a job. Uncertainty abounds, and for many people, it feels as if chaos rules the day.  

At times like this, self-care feels like the last thing on anyone's mind. However, I am a firm believer that to help others, you must try and take care of yourself as well. You cannot draw water from an empty well. This is the time that we rely on others, and others rely on us, so we must have that motivation in ourselves.

Allow me to share what I’ve been thinking in the last couple weeks in terms of how to practice self-care during these times, when many of us are more stressed and busy than ever before.  

  1.  Be gentle - whatever routine, or lack of routine,  you have in your life, give yourself some grace. Some days you may be more motivated, others you feel like you’re absorbing all the bad news coming your way.  Some people feel better with more structure, some people need a break from routine. It’s ALL ok. This is not the time to be hard on yourself because your kids got too much screen time, or dinner was mac ‘n cheese.  Let some things go for now. Start from a place of reasonable expectations for yourself. You cannot be a full time mom, a full time employee, a full time chef, a full time home maker, a full time teacher. Those are all separate jobs and if you feel like you can’t juggle them - you’re right.  Nobody can!  
  2.  Keep it simple - You are way more likely to stick to any sort of routine if it’s simple right now.  One thing I’ve been doing is lighting a candle almost whenever I wash dishes. (Currently burning Oakmoss Amber, love how strong it is!)  It puts me in a more zen space as I clean up, my kitchen has a cozy aroma wafting through as I clean up. It’s a little moment of brightness that puts me in a little bit better mood.  You could also keep it really simple by instead of doing a full manicure, at least taking a few minutes to shape your nails. Although if doing a full on manicure with nail art is your thing, go for it! Our Self-Care boxes are also good for this, if you want to be a little bit more indulgent, it’s simple because everything you need is in one box.  Some people like to send them as gifts as well.  

self care box eucalyptus mint soy wax candle facial steam dead sea mud mask lavender bath bomb


3. Focus on connection - the only silver lining I can think of at this time is that with all of us being home, there is more opportunity for connection.  When you are bombarded with schoolwork kids have to do, or endless chores, or yet more emails from your boss - try to focus on whatever brings the most connection.  Use that as your starting point. If you are cleaning out the garage, try to involve kids in some way. Whatever you do, do what you can together. This time will end, but how our kids felt during that time they will remember.  

I hope all of you remain in good health and good spirits!

Thanks for reading,


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