3 Tips for Balance During Back-to-School Busyness

August is a time when the days are hot and lazy, but the promise of fall starts slowly creeping in.  Advertising for Back to School sales starts popping up, and I’ve even seen fall decorations pop up at various stores!  I think every season is enjoyable, and the period right before the kids go back to school is so packed with preparations and sometimes anxiety, that I thought I’d take a moment to write out some tips on how I try to maintain balance during it all.

1.  Maintain a mini-school routine with the kids. 

One of the things I do with Ruben is to do 1 hour of schoolwork a day, to make sure he doesn’t forget what he learned this year.  It’s a little bit of structure for his age, and allows him to maintain his reading and math levels throughout the summer, making going back to school less stressful for everyone involved.  I break up his out into:  15 mins-math, 15 mins-writing, 15 mins-science, 15 mins-reading.  It’s just enough work to keep him busy and quiet while I get things done, gives him a sense of accomplishment, but doesn’t overwhelm him or me.  It’s a much needed break in the day, since he doesn’t nap anymore.

Click here to watch my full "Day in the Life" video -  on how I balance work and life, during the time my son is off school.

2.  Start prepping for fall in little steps:

Fall and the holiday season are always busy, and last-minute shopping of any sort stresses me out.  A good practice is to pretend it’s October, and start thinking about what you may need to buy or prep for the holidays.  Maybe you want to switch up Christmas decorations this year, or maybe you want to spread out your holiday gift buying, so it’s not a rush during December.  In any case, how good would it feel to have a good chunk of that done when the season actually rolls around?  You might be able to get some good deals on decor right now - and even as far as buying candles goes, you can buy them now and gift throughout the holiday season as needed!

3.  Soak up sunshine, and make a point to unplug:

I like social media, and running a business without it is nearly impossible. However, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, so I like to intentionally put away my phone and do summer activities.  Even when you are on social media, a good practice is to go through who you are following and purge that which doesn’t interest you anymore.  If you find yourself comparing yourself or resenting someone you follow, I think it’s best to unfollow and only follow people that you get something useful or enjoyable out of.  That’s part of why we talk so much about self-care and productivity, we want those who follow us on Instagram to feel like they are getting more than updates about candles!

There’s many ways to practice self-care and maintain balance, and everyone’s life and circumstances are a little bit different.  This is what works for me; a little bit of routine, a little bit of thinking ahead, and a little bit of unplugging. 

Share below if you have any tips for maintaining sanity during the back-to-school season!

Thanks for reading!


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