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10 Summer Self-Care Activities


Summer is a time to slow down - that’s right, you read that correctly!  Often we think of it as a time that we need to pack with activities to keep the kids excited, we think of check-lists and bucket lists of all the things we want to DO.  Nothing wrong with that, but I believe strongly that there must be intention and thoughtfulness in what we take on, or we burn out.  

Instead, I’m trying to spend a little time just BEING.  Time goes by so fast, and summer is a time that I savor the warmth, sunshine, and relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a good time to think about revamping the things you do to take care of yourself, and how you can best take those much needed breathers and breaks that will rejuvenate you.  So below are 10 simple summer self-care activities for you to try!



I bet you’d be surprised how many there are near you - I know I was when I first started looking, turns out my hometown has one every Saturday!  The fresh food, atmosphere, and the fact that you’re supporting local farmers is a great feeling. As for prices, you’d be surprised that you can get some really good deals - and a lot of local farmers have their own special offers.  You’re buying some of the best food and cutting out the grocery store as the middleman. You can’t beat the atmosphere, quality, or the fact that you’re sourcing your ingredients locally and reducing your carbon footprint. 



You know I love a spa day!  I’m sure there are awesome local spas that provide quality treatments, but if you like the convenience of being in the comfort of home - our Self-Care Box is a great start!  It has everything you need, from an herbal facial steam, Dead Sea mud mask, and lavender bath bomb (from the organic brand, withSimplicity), to our full size Eucalyptus Mint candle, and candle sample pack.  If you’re more of a DIYer - try making your own face masks!  I make some and store them in my repurposed 4 oz candle jars that come with a lid.  Read here on the easy way to repurpose them! 



We’re lucky here that Cleveland Metroparks is such an extensive park zone, I can always find new trails and beautiful places to visit.  Everyone has a park or two they like - but I bet there are way more that you haven’t visited wherever you live.  Ask around, or do a search for pretty parks and trails in your area - getting out into nature is an amazing way to recharge.



This is a big one, how many times do people build patios or decks, only to use them a few times a summer?  Make it a point to eat outside whenever the weather allows, it makes the day feel more special, and you can get that much needed Vitamin D.  Your winter self will thank you summer self!



Water, coffee, lemonade, juice - all great, but what about mixing it up a little this summer?  I mean literally mixing - try some great mixed juice recipes to enjoy, whether it’s for a party or just the everyday! Try the Slavic version of juice, Kompot or make your own Kombucha - you’ll be glad to have such delicious drinks around, and a new skill will boost your self-esteem.



A free activity wherever you live?  That’s what I’m talking about!  Pick a day here and there and wake up with the sun, really enjoying and savoring the morning.  Use the time to do...nothing!  Except maybe drink a hot cup of coffee or tea - you can google when the sun rises any day of the year!



Ocean, lake, pool, river, stream, pond - there’s something about water that forces you to be in the moment.  The sound of waves crashing on the shore, or the sound of a trickling stream, all of those things remind us how nature ebbs and flows.  It puts your mind in a different space, and getting around some sort of water is a great summer idea.  Not to mention, the aspect of swimming or wading in the water is part of play - something we did as kids, that is good to keep in our life no matter how old we get.  



Durian, Horned melon, dragonfruit, pineapple guava, loquats, atemoya - all of these are exotic fruits that are probably at a grocery store near you, maybe a specialty one.  Just reading through the descriptions of these makes me want to try them!  This is a low cost way to do something fun with the whole family, and you can use information about where the fruit comes from and how it grows as a little lesson for the kids.  Or, just eat it, that works too!  The point is to enjoy something new and to have a sensory experience.  Trying new things takes you out of the ordinary, and makes life a little more fun!



Easier said than done, right?  We all know setting our phones aside and being in the moment is good, but wait hold on, I just got a notification.  Brb.  Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, pick a time, maybe a couple hours at first, and let those closest to you know you are on a tech break.  Use those two hours to do anything, but don’t use or check your phone. Then, try more hours, an evening, or a day. Having the practice in place to regularly unplug will help you have more balance with your phone, and to use it wisely. 



This may seem like strange advice, but I’ve actually found this to be a very fun and important activity.  We moms tend to take lots of pictures of our kids and leave ourselves out of them because we feel we look like a mess.  But think about it - are there any pictures of your mom that you judge harshly, and think she was a mess?  Neither will your kids! Take pictures of yourself no matter your stage of life, so that you will have them to look back on as a memory. You can hire a photographer, but you can also set a self timer on your phone, ask your husband or a friend to take some pictures as a fun activity.  Use the opportunity to dress up and do your hair if you’d like.  A handy tool is a gorilla pod, which allows you to place your phone almost anywhere you’d like as a flexible tripod.  Read some more photography tips from influencer and podcaster Jenna Kutcher, here.  

So there you have it, I think these 10 self care activities for summer should keep you busy, right?

Let me know as you follow me on Instagram which of these you’ll be doing!  

Until next time,


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  • Andreia Ferreira

    Really good suggestions, some I already do others will start _
    Thank you for sharing! <3 I’ll share it too!

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