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5 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

This month on February 12, marked 5 years in business for AromaSoy.  It feels like crossing a pretty big threshold to have come this far.  When you start a business, people are quick to point out how often businesses fail.  Oftentimes female run businesses are treated more as hobbies rather than “serious” businesses.  Well, my business DID start as a hobby, but that doesn’t make it any less of a business now!As I reflected on these five years, I wanted to share with you all five things I learned that I hope may be helpful to you in some way.1.  Set your goals on paper I started setting yearly goals (at the beginning of each year) in year 3, which...

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5 Women That Helped Me Grow My Business

The reality of starting a new business is daunting and overwhelming at times.  There are so many parts of a business that need to work together in order to make it, so many things that need attention.  It can feel lonely being a solo-preneur, the workplace friends I had at the accounting firm at my old job couldn’t help me navigate social media marketing for my candles!  I also didn’t know many people that were starting their own business in this way, I didn’t have a lot of guidance but I had (have!) big dreams. As much caution as I take with the overuse of social media and the internet, it helped guide me to some virtual mentors.  Women whose...

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5 Self-Care Ideas for Fall

  Here in northern Ohio, it’s officially fall!  There’s a chill in the air, the days are brisk and (mostly) sunny, and the trees are finally getting some color after the long summer.   I thought this would be a good time to talk about ways to adjust your self-care routine for the new season.  We are all a work in progress, and self-care is not something you have to be “perfect” at, it shouldn’t feel like a burden.  I say this, because as the trend takes off, sometimes a little bit of intention can get lost along the way.   Try reading our blog post about how to make a self-care routine stick!    Below are 5 ways you can add a...

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5 Easy Ways To Transition Your Home For Fall

One of the best things about fall is...everything!  Crisp cool air, kids are back in school, cozy sweaters and the promise of the holiday season just around the corner all make this candlemaker very happy!  One of the fun things to think about is how to make your home look its best for fall.  It’s a great idea to look around and see what little things can be spruced up to make your house a cozy little autumn nest.  Below are five easy ways to transition your home for fall: 1.  Prepare the Porch:  Nothing says you are ready for fall like a great fall wreath, and I’ve seen them from the $20 range all the way up to no-way-am-I-paying-this-much-money-for-a-wreath range! ...

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