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Here it is: the 2020 Christmas Gift Guide!

It’s gift buying season! We know 2020 has been a ~wild ride~ , so we’re making your life a little easier by doing your research for you. Everything below ranges in price, is pretty cool, AND is ethically made, locally made, or made in the USA. We tried to pick things that have a story or a “wow” element to them, and we hope you like them!  Self Care Box - A full size candle of your choice, our soy candle sample pack, lavender bath bomb, Dead Sea Mud Mask, and Botanical Facial steam, all ready to gift in a box! Beauty products are small batch, organic from withSimplicity Beauty!  Seasonal Candles - YES we are hyping up our awesome Christmas lineup, buy and smell...

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Busy? Here are 5 simple self care ideas to try

Something this year has taught me, is the sense that my overall well-being isn’t just food and exercise, but that wellness starts from the inside out. No amount of celery can “fix” feeling worn out and overwhelmed. 2020 has brought about some extraordinary circumstances, and many are feeling more drained than ever.  Every now and then, we do fun but effective self-care challenges on Instagram, where we challenge our followers to follow along and do the daily self-care activity. We’ve done a 5 minute self care challenge, as well as a goal-setting challenge. This year, we focused not on a set time, but on keeping it simple. We all need self care, and if there’s too many steps or too...

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Is Virtual Learning Virtually Impossible?

Every parent of school-aged children had some tough decisions to make this year, depending on what their school district is offering. Every choice has its pros and cons, and every parent wants what’s best for their kids and family. It’s tough out there, and I want to say that no matter what choice you made - you are doing a great job!  We chose the Virtual Learning option for Ruben, who is starting 1st grade. Being lucky enough to work from home, we knew it was possible. Having a newborn at home, we thought it would be the better option for us at this time. Our school is great in that they will allow us to switch options when we...

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5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids - 2020 Edition

Normally, I like to make a Summer Bucket List to make the most of summer with my kids, it’s filled with ideas for little trips and visits to pools and playgrounds. This year, the pandemic has made me wary of doing anything unnecessary when it comes to public spaces.  Everyone has a different level of risks, that’s why the five ideas below are pretty pandemic-friendly.  (Who thought that was a sentence I would write this year!)  I tried to think a little outside the box of the usual (great) ideas, of kiddie pools and sprinklers, and hopefully the activities below will be ones you can incorporate into your bucket list and enjoy! Camping in the backyard - the good thing...

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